The Legendary Football Activations at Barasti this year!

With the football season kicking off, we have some incredible sponsors joining in the fun and adding to the incredible experience. Here's some of our friends that are celebrating with us too:

1. Nisnass

This trendy fashion brand Nisnass currently has a pop-up shop in the AC Summer Tent with bespoke-made t-shirts, hats and sunglasses for each team. Not a fan of the traditional sports strips? Then these guys offer something a little more fashionable that still gives a nod to your country's football team. How awesome!

2.Rexona and Clear - Unilever

If you visit the Rexona booth at the entrance of the Summer Tent, you'll find a photo opp that could win you a trip to Madrid! Simply take a photo with the props, post it and use the hashtag #cheerlikeachampion !  

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3. Pringles

As you head down towards the #BarastiSuperdome , you won't be able to miss the Pringles stand! They've got an awesome red branded background to snap your photo in slo-mo and grab some free pringles from their mascot! 

4. Budweiser

As well as being one of the official sponsors for FIFA, (how freaking cool is that!?) Budweiser have a new way to drinking beer - served through a jet pack!!


5. Virgin Radio DXB

Our friends Big Rossi and Kris Fade have been down to the #BarastiSuperdome to host some hilarious stunts and competitions for the crowds. On the opening night on Thursday 14th June, they hosted an amazing keepy-uppy competition with one Barasti fan managing 69 keepy-uppies! Find the Virgin Radio DXB down at Barasti for the big games and remember: Superdoooooooooooooooooomeee!!

If you've been down to Barasti during the games, you'll see the rest of our amazing brands from Hugo Boss, Wego and Careem also supporting the football with Barasti! 

Let us know who your favourites are!